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You know those tags that we used to joke about going to jail if we removed them? Yeah, those are the things we are talking about here.

Stuffed items have long been an issue of concern by individual states due to health concerns. This is why the regulations for stuffed items typically tend to be inside their Department of Health agency regulations.

Can you believe that people were using old, unsanitary hospital supplies to stuff 'new' products?

So, while the federal government doesn't have any specific regulations for stuffed bedding products (except for children's specific products), many states do have requirements. Of course, each state has to be just a little different from each other though, so there are three things to look at:

  • No additional requirements
  • Labeling only (Uniform Law Label)
  • Registration & Labeling

Now, before I continue, I want to make clear that you have the choice to not sell to another state that may require additional things, particularly registration. If you live in a state that requires everything, then, I'm sorry, I hope it's Oklahoma (you'll see why soon).

No Additional Requirements

These states require only the basic federal requirements of Country of Origin, Manufacturer/Importer Identity, and Fiber Content.

Alabama Alaska Florida Georgia Idaho
Iowa Kansas Louisiana Maine Maryland
Michigan Mississippi Montana Nebraska Nevada
New Mexico New York* North Dakota Oregon South Carolina
South Dakota Texas Washington Wyoming

New York does have regulations for mattresses and box springs.

Labeling Only

These states require additional labeling information to the basic federal requirements.

Arizona Arkansas Colorado District of Columbia (D.C.)


Illinois Indiana Kentucky Minnesota

New Hampshire

New Jersey Tennessee Vermont Wisconsin

The labels have specific requirements to type of material they are, the color of label, the color of text, the size of text, etc.:

  • Tyvek® or similar non-tear material
  • Text only on front
  • English language only
  • Label is 2in width x 3in length minimum
  • Minimum size font is 1/8" (approximately 9 or 10 point) except the last section from 'Date of Delivery' to 'Cover'.
  • Font, as shown, must be all caps and bold
  • Country of origin must be in all CAPS and 1/8" minimum size font
  • Address must be the full mailing address
  • Other federal and state required information may be in the last section above "MADE IN" (such as federal FTC RN#, CPSC-required batch code for children's products)
  • "Date of Delivery_______" must be included, but does not need to be filled in
  • Care information must be on a separate label

Registration & Labeling

These states require additional labeling information to the basic federal requirements and additional registration & renewal. In your first year of registration, you may spend around $3095. In the second year, around $1715. In the third year, $2465. You can only sell to these states if you are registered to them.

California $750 $750 2 Years
Connecticut $100 $100 April 30th
Delaware $50 $50 December 31
Detroit $150 $150 (+per article fee) December 31
Massachusetts $300 $300 June 30
North Carolina $720 (prorated) $50 February 28
Ohio $50 (+lab invoice) $50 (+$0.04 per article) 12 months
Oklahoma $5 $5 June 30
Pennsylvania $150 $150 (+$0.05 per article) 12 months
Rhode Island $630 $630 3 Years
Utah $150 $150 December 31
Virginia $100 $100

12 months

West Virginia $90 $90

June 30

See, if you have to do both registration and labeling because you live in one of these above states, I hope you live in OK.

If you live in a state that does not require anything extra and you are only selling to your own state or other states that do not require anything extra, then, you get to ignore all of this state stuff. If you add the extra label, you can also sell to all states that do not require registration.

If you live in a state that requires only extra labeling, you are required to have that labeling. Then, you can sell to all other states that do not require registration.

If you live in a state that requires registration and labeling, you are required to register in your state. Then, you can sell to all other states that do not require registration.

You are allowed to restrict sales from specific states!

Oh, and I know Detroit and D.C. are not states. Don't come at me. They are the weird ones! 🤷🏻‍♀️😅

You are able to utilize a service to help you with labels and registration. I cannot attest to any company personally, but if you do a Google search for URN Labeling, Law Label, or Law Label Registration and you should come up with a number of companies that can help.

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