Children's Product Certificate

Certifying your children's product for safety laws.
Written by Misty Henry
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First, let me clarify that you will not have someone else certify your product.

 NOTHING is 'CPSC certified' or 'CPSC approved'.

The CPSC, Consumer Product Safety Commission, is a small government agency tasked with assisting in the creation and enforcement of laws regarding the safety of our products. In that, the CPSC provides guidance and education to product safety regulations as well as enforcing and tracking recalls.

It is YOU who will certify your own products. It is YOU who knows about your products, the materials you use and the processes you take to design, create, and complete the products. To do this, you create a Certificate of Conformity or a Children's Product Certificate.

In order to correctly create this document, you must first know all of the regulations that your product falls under. After that, you must be able to show the compliance to those regulations through:

  • Exemption
  • Supplier Statements & lab reports (as allowed)
  • First Party testing documentation (that is testing by you as allowed)
  • Third Party testing documentation (that is testing by a lab)

Once you have that information, the rest is simple. This is going to be a simple one-page(ish) document with 7 components:

  1. Describe the product that you are certifying
    It doesn't have to be super super specific, something like: 100% plain surfaced fabric clothing
  2. List out what regulations you must follow for the product you've just described.
  3. Who makes this product?
    This will be your business name, address, phone, and email.
  4. Who keeps the safety records of this product?
    This will likely be you, so your personal name, address, phone, and email. If you have hired a compliance manager, their name and contact information may be here.
  5. When and Where was this product made?
    This is the month & year of finishing your product and the city/province & country it was finished in.
  6. When and where was this product tested?
    Now this, for small batch manufacturers registered with the CPSC, will include your SBM registration number (123456-012024). Also included here may be:
    - Exemption citations (16 CFR Part 1500.91(c)(7)(i) - Exemption for natural materials)
    - Supplier statements & lab report information (Supplier name - Component: Test; Test; Test)
    - First Party testing information (02-2024; My City, My State, USA)
    - Third Party testing information (02-05-2024; Arlington Heights, IL, USA)
  7. Where was this product tested?
    If tested, you will list the lab name, lab ID, lab representative, lab address, phone, and email

And that's really it! Super simple looking:

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